Painting with Tithi

Had an awesome time drinking and Painting with Tithi!

I met Tithi at a Paint Nite event and she asked me to do a custom painting class with her so I had her over my apt to give her a class. She plans to re-enact this painting in the near future…she is now on a quest to find the swimsuit to match =)


Drawing with Camila #2

Finished up lesson 2 with Camila where we focused on shape and space. In the exercises I had her drawing the positive space, or space that makes up the object. Other times I had her draw the negative space, or the space around the object. She said it was kinda tough drawing around the space of something but she got the hang of it quickly and took to it well.
I also gave her a “viewfinder”, two L shaped pieces of cardboard that can be adjusted to make a frame to go around an object. using this helps you frame your subject and be able to draw objects more accurately.